Personal care at your own home

Help with personal care at your own home

Tindle House, 6 Park Road, Dawlish, EX7 9LQ

Home Care and housekeeping

Many elderly people, and their families prefer home care against residential homes because of their comfort living in a familiar environment with all belongings in place. Unlike residential homes they do not have to do certain activities at a set time; for example they can have a bath when they want, they can have meals when they want, they can watch the TV in their own comfortable chair without having to share.

However, they may sometimes feel lonely, but our friendly team offers companionship to fulfill their desire to talk to someone or share some activities together. We will also encourage regular family visits or outings.

Our home care service includes all housekeeping duties as laundry, general cleaning, shopping and preparing meals.

The cost of home care works different to residential homes where some shared costs are involved. By opting for home care, you only pay for what level of service you need. Care is one-to-one at your own home so there are no shared costs.

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