Personal care at your own home

Help with personal care at your own home

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Dementia Care

If you or one of your loved ones is diagnosed with dementia, we are here to help. Once a needs assessment is completed for the diagnosed individual, we prepare a care plan for the condition, monitoring any other health conditions that may arise. To be able to do this we collect information from the person who is diagnosed, their family and friends and medical records.

What care plan includes:
Care and support plans are made for each individual and will be reviewed regularly to see if it’s the best support. Below we have listed a few essentials.

  • what is important to the patient
  • what the patient can or cannot do him/herself
  • use of medical supplies & equipment
  • personal hygiene
  • support from family and friends

A plan will usually show it’s success within a month or two, than adjustments can be made accordingly or daily as required.

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