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Companionship and socialising

Loneliness can increase stress and depression, reducing self-esteem, especially in older ages. Socialisation can improve one’s health and fitness. With this in mind, we introduce activity opportunities to each individual as their capability and from what they enjoy in life. Some would like a quite walk in a park, some like bingo, some like meeting friends for a morning coffee. We cannot stress how important socialising is, especially for the elderly.

We will also accompany our clients to a doctor’s appointment, to a weekly shopping, visiting a friend or going for a social activity if required.

We will always encourage our clients to take part in activities, help them to start a hobby on their own or in groups of like-minded others.

For those who are not capable of doing such activities, we offer companionship. Whenever they need a company and someone to talk to, we will give all our support.

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